Himanshu Mehta
Niels Tanis
Sarah-Jane Madden

Confirmed speakers:

  • Himanshu Mehta

    I possess both expertise and passion in the field of Offensive and Defensive Security. I serve as an advisory board member for the EC-Council’s Licensed Penetration Tester group and HackersEra. I actively participate in numerous bug bounty and Capture the Flag programs worldwide, and have been invited to present my research at several prestigious international security conferences, including BlackHat, RSAC USA, ICS Singapore, Hack In Paris, HITB (Amsterdam, Dubai, Abu Dhabi), SecurityFest (Sweden), InfoSecurity (London), Offzone (Moscow), NanoSec (Malaysia), DSCI, National Cyber Security Conference, Best of the world Conference & Hakon. My previous roles include Head of Cyber Threat Intelligence at Hive Pro, Senior Security Researcher at Darkmatter, and leading a global team of security intelligence at Symantec. These experiences have provided me with valuable insights and fueled my desire to continue growing as a creative leader in the field of cyber-security.

    Talk: Down the Rabbit Hole: Exploring GraphQL Exploitation

  • Niels Tanis

    Niels Tanis has got a background in .NET development, pentesting and security consultancy. He is Microsoft MVP and has been involved in breaking, defending and building secure applications. He joined Veracode in 2015 and right now he works as a security researcher on a variant of languages and technologies related to Veracode’s Binary Static Analysis service. He is married, father of two and lives in a small village just outside Amersfoort, The Netherlands.

    Talk: Using WebAssembly to run, extend, and secure your application

  • Sarah-Jane Madden

    Sarah-Jane is the Chief Information Security Officer of Sensing Technology Group - a part of Fortive. She has over 20 years software experience from the most formal environments to 'let's fix it in production' type teams. She has been a longtime advocate of deliberate application security as a partnership with product management and believes that security does not have to be an overhead. A strong proponent of threat modeling, she believes it is an essential practice for every team driving towards the goal of secure by design.

    Talk: Far from green fields - introducing Threat modelling to established teams